[...] The work of Horace Lundd is resolutely anchored in the very stakes currently weaving contemporary creation. Whether it’s an assumed and thought-out post-media dimension articulated in one immersive mechanism of installation strategies: video, performance or even scenography, or within fabricating a subtle dialogue with 

numerous current artists – Horace revisits the question of narration in contemporary art. His works are founded on staging the social construction of gender and investing in either neutralization strategies or the over-visibility of nature. This, in order to eliminate the assignment of binary identities inherited from cognitive frameworks distinctively 

linked to masculine domination.

The exhibition becomes the space for the emancipated look on daily behaviors, open to esthetical and social experimentations. These intersections are the territories that Horace Lundd is driven to explore. [...] 

_Cyrille Bret, Professor in Art History, HEAR Strasbourg.