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Horace Lundd was born from a reflection around the figure of the artist which began during his studies at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg.

It is within the group No Name, which evaluates the interactions between art, science and society, that his work has begun.

Their research has been presented twice at the FRAC d'Alsace, and more recently at the Manifesta13 biennial in Marseille, in europe at the Operadagen- Festival of new operatic forms in Rotterdam (NL), as well as internationally at the MITsp-Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo (BR), at FIBA- Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (AR), at the Santiago a Mil Festival (CL) or even in India at Karnataka, at Kerala and Manipur (IN).

Horace Lundd lives and works between Marseille (FR) and Chandolin (CH).

Their research territory is rooted in sensory experience, consciousness and elevation.

He explores the space of the in-between, of traverse, of transmission, of perception, of embodiement and generally unfolds in the form of installations composed of different mediums. Queer and anti-colonial theories hold a central place in their research.

Horace Lundd regularly collaborates with artists, musician, composerdirector on stage, scientists, anthropologists, local communities (...) evolving in a trans-disciplinary and trans-territorial universe.

Their work builds poetic evocations maintained by effective tensions and ambivalent animated by vibratory presences.

An approach that willingly looks towards the spiritual and opens towards the promise of an elsewhere, brings out a new possibility

- in balance.

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La Batie - Geneva Festival


CNC - National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image

Great East Region

DRAC - Grand Est, Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs

DRAC-PACA, Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs

Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council

Pro Helvetia South America

Pro Helvetia New Delhi 

Canton of Valais

Municipality of Anniviers


Artlink SüdKulturFunds

Loterie Romande Valais

City of Geneva


GMEM - National Center for Musical Creation

The European Nomadic Biennial Manifesta13

EPFL - Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne

ECAL - Cantonal Art School of Lausanne

CIRM-UNIL University of Lausanne, Interdisciplinary Center for Mountain Research

HES-SO Valais

Arthaus.Berlin International Training and Research Center

Dock 11 & EDEN***** Berlin

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

Rotterdam Operadagen Festival

Santiago a Mil Festival, Santiago Chile

FIBA-Buenos Aires International Festival

MIT - Mostra Internacional de Teatro, Sao Paulo

HEAR - Rhine School of Arts, Strasbourg

Particle accelerator

Regionale19 Strasbourg

Anniviers Tourism

Ferme-Asile - artistic and cultural center of Sion

Francois Xavier Bagnoud Observatory

Opale Foundation, Lens

Chandolin Boutique Hotel

Cottier mountain pasture, Zinal

Grand Mountet hut


Driving Forces of Gougra


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